Tutorial: How to make a fondant pig

This week I’m working on a farm themed cake.  The hostess is purchasing a sheet cake from her local grocery store and I’ll be supplying some cute farm animals to put on top.   This is a great way to feed a large number of guests without breaking the bank.  Not to mention, Wegmans (our local grocery store) makes a ridiculously delicious cake.

So, the first animal I have created is an adorable pink pig.  Here are the step-by-step instructions on putting together one of these cute little porkers.

Short note:  I use about half fondant and half gum paste mixed together.  The gum paste dries too quickly for my slow hands and the fondant never hardens, so this a perfect balance between two.  I use :

If you are using homemade Marshmallow Fondant (which I use occasionally) there is no need to mix in gum paste.  It will harden on it’s own within a day or so.

Now, onto the pig….First, dye some white fondant with a tiny bit of red gel food color to get your desired pink color.  You will need a ball of fondant about 2 1/2 to 3″ in diameter.

Once you have your ball of fondant, divide it into 7 pieces.  One big piece for the body, a smaller piece for the head, and 5 even smaller pieces (for the legs, and extras).

Now, take your large piece and roll into a sausage shape for the body.  If you have creases or lines knead the fondant and roll in your hands until all lines are gone (or mostly gone).  I use a plate with parchment paper to set my project on as I’m working.  Then, when it’s finished I can store it on the same plate.


Now for the legs.  Take 4 of of the small pieces and roll them into little sausages.  Flatten a bit on one end to make more of a cone shape.


Using a Wilton fondant tool (small knife or toothpick) make a cut in the bigger part of the leg.  This creates the foot/hoof.

Attach the 4 legs onto the sausage body with a dab of water.  Turn over and place on plate so body is resting on the legs.

Insert a piece of dry spaghetti that will hold the pig’s head.  You can also use a toothpick.  I just prefer to keep everything edible, even though I am fully aware no one is going to eat the hard spaghetti :)


Roll the medium ball of fondant in your hands until all creases are gone.  Dab a little water around the spaghetti and place the head on top.

Legs are a little chubby, but he is a pig afterall ;)


You should have one small piece of fondant remaining.  This will be used to make the ears, tail, and snout.  For the snout, roll a small piece of fondant into a ball.  Dab the center of the head with water and press on the ball.   Using a ball tool press into the snout to make an indention.


To make the ears, break a piece of fondant in half to make sure the ears are equal in size.  Roll each piece into a teardrop shape.  Using a smaller ball tool curve out the inside of the ear.  Pinch the top of the ears and place on top of the head with a dab of water.

Press rounded, bottom end onto head

Pressing ears onto head will make them collapse a bit to form this shape


Using the same tool, make indentions for the nostrils and eyes.


For the tail, roll out a piece of fondant into a skinny rope.  You will only need about an inch.  Then, curl it around a toothpick/chopstick/paintbrush.  Whatever is handy.  Let dry for 10 – 15 min.


Use small balls of black fondant for eyes.  Dab a bit of water in the socket and place in eyes.  You can also use a black food marker.

Add the tail with a bit of water.

Use a toothpick to create a smile and your piggy is complete!


*Novice Note* – before my sister bought me the Wilton tools I got pretty creative with various utensils in the kitchen.  You don’t need special fondant tools to make your toppers.  You’d be surprised what you have in your drawers that serve the same purpose as these specialty cake tools.

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