Tutorial: How to make a fondant sheep

Here is another tutorial for a farm-themed fondant animal.  Look for more tutorials to come….

First, roll out an egg shaped piece of fondant that you will use for the body.  Make it as big as you would like depending on the size of your cake.  Using the body as a guide, roll out 4 smaller logs for the legs.  Then, press down the end of each log and lightly apply water.


Now, rest body on top of legs, then insert a piece of dry spaghetti for the head


Roll a ball of fondant into an oval shape for the head.  Press down on the top a little bit to give the head more of a sheep’s shape.  Then, place on top of the spaghetti.  You can also make the head a pink/peach color.  I had the white all ready to go, but a pale pink would have been cute.


Now, for the wool.  Roll out a bunch of little strings about 1 – 2 ” long.  Then, curl each string as shown below.   Don’t worry about consistency – once they are rolled you won’t be able to tell.   A little variation will also add extra dimension.  Brush each piece with a tiny bit of water and apply to body of sheep.


Use a paper towel or something soft to prop up the sheep’s head while it is drying.



For the ears, roll out two small logs of fondant.  Using a shaping/ball tool press down in the center of the log and glide back and forth until you get a hollowed out pod.  Then, lightly pinch the bottom to look like the middle photo.  Brush on a little pink shimmer dust in the middle to finish.  Paint head lightly with water and apply ears.




Roll out 4 small balls of black fondant for the hooves.  Flatten the balls slightly and apply to the end of each leg with a tiny bit of water.  Using a knife or cake tool make an indention on the top of each hoof.

We’re almost there!!



Using a small ball tool make two indentions for the eyes.  Fill eye sockets with small pieces of fondant or color in with a black color writer.  Use a toothpick to make elongated nostrils.  Also with a toothpick, press a line straight down from the nostrils to bottom of head and curve around each side to form the mouth (you can see this better in the later pictures).


Since this was for a little girl’s birthday I thought I would add a pink bow to make the sheep a little more feminine.  Simply roll a small ball of pink fondant, press a line down the middle and then pinch in the center.  You can hollow out the sides a bit with a toothpick to make the bow more realistic.  Finally, I added a bit of the pink shimmer dust to her cheeks.






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